All afternoon the Twitter feed had nothing but good news from the island. Thousands of people showed up (some reports say 20k) for a peaceful march nicknamed Yo Amo La UPR (I love UPR). The main goal was to bring people together to ask for the removal of state police from the University of Puerto Rico main campus. A day after the University president resigned, supposedly over disagreement regarding police presence, no one shouted insults at the outgoing leader. The message was positively a peaceful one.

Here’s a sample of Tweets (translated):

Luchaupr: Thousands join against the fee and the police presence at UPR at the march #YoAmoLaUPR.

Raulitoyeah: Back home after an excellent day at the march #YoAmoLaUPR.

Hijomio: We have to support our alma mater #YoAmoLaUPR.

MigueL_TwiTeA: Thousands march in #YoAmoLaUPR || The People in solidarity with the students’plea  that the police should leave.

And I say, encouraging, peaceful, far-reaching love. Esta revolución será Twiteada. #YoAmoLaUPR

For the full story and images (warning: there’s no blood in these pictures, just music and goodwill), go to:

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