Great Blue Heron nest by RGR

Great Blue Heron nest, March 2011, by Raquel with Cheeva in tow.

I started a “Saturday a.m. Inventory” of backyard wildlife on facebook a few weeks ago. I’ve been too busy counting birds and critters to try to post all of it, but here are some pictures. It has become more of a test for Cheeva, my new dog, to “stay” when she wants to chase all the birds and squirrels that cross our path. She will go after the gators, too, so I keep her leashed.

The sweetest find so far has been a Great Blue Heron nest with two chicks that are quiet in the morning, when the ospreys are out fishing, and cackle all evening when their mama brings them food. Sometimes I hear them cough out a big piece of fish (I think it’s fish). Hungry babies!

See other critters that crossed our path recently:


Ibis birds crossing my street. RGR


Why did the ibis cross the road?   



Two Ospreys, one Red-shouldered Hawk, a flock of Ibis, assorted Great Egrets (Have fun trying to take that picture!). A Cardinal couple.

I thought I’d have to cancel the Saturday nature inventory due to fog-so-thick-you-can-cut-with-knife. Then, a flock of wood storks showed up!

Wood storks. RGR

Wood storks in my backyard. RGR

Others for which I only have a blur for a photo:


Saturday a.m. backyard inventory: 1 alligator, 2 pelicans, 3 mourning doves, 5 chickadees…one happy dog owner and one wagging tail…


Saturday a.m. inventory: one red-bellied woodpecker, two ospreys carrying fresh catch, three flocks of blackbirds, four stray seagulls, five different lavender hues on a beautiful sunrise…