Not as cute as the emblematic coqui, but still ecologically important, the Puerto Rican crested toad got some help from zookeepers in Jacksonville, FL.

That’s Puerto Rican crested toad to you. And, I have to admit, this species was not my favorite Caribbean Amphibian (click for actual song/video featuring Jimmy Buffett and Kermit the Frog). Although not as small and cute as a singing coqui, these toads are a very important link in the food chain. (No, we don’t eat them back on the island. We have green iguanas now. Just kidding.) Those of us who have relocated to North Florida, have been watching the toad exhibit at the Jacksonville Zoo for some time, and we’re happy to hear the piped in romantic(?) croaking worked as good as a Barry White album.

See photos of the tadpoles being shipped from Jacksonville, Florida to Arecibo, Puerto Rico! I just hope the exotic green iguanas (the feral hogs of Puerto Rico and formidable destroyers of native vegetation) and the “accidentally” released caymans of Tortuguero Lagoon don’t get them before they have a chance to repopulate.

For the full story in the Florida Times-Union, go to Jacksonville zookeepers: Saving species begins by getting toads hot and bothered.

I’m not translating that headline.