I applaud your March 5 cover featuring latino voters and the headline Yo Decido. I am not bothered by the fact that you include a non-latino on the top row. In fact, I’m glad about the way this faux pas is playing out: now we’re really breaking stereotypes. I, the Puertorrican who is sometimes Amerasian declare this experiment a success. Maybe you should reconsider what you’re apologizing for, and continue using the photographer you’re trying to blame.

So what’s the real apology here? How were you supposed to confirm that 151 people photographed in three days were all latinos? And were all the pictures taken in Ariz.? How were you supposed to ask people directly about their background in a state where there is so much hate and deportation going around? Oh, but what if you took a photo of an undocumented person? What if a mother got deported and separated from her young children because of your rush to make a deadline? Deportation happens every day in this country. Worse things could happen because of your actions than the mere mislabeling of a person.
As a chameleon-like latina who is asked frequently to explain her unlatina looks, I see all sorts of unintended consequences of your good intentions. However, I do thank you for creating the opportunity for nationwide conversation into what it means to be a latino, asian, norwegian, and all other constructs.

If you need another cover with an assortment of non-descript, multiracial, myth-busting humans, call me. I’ll bring a few friends. Some of them might surprise you. And maybe you should hire some of them for your editorial board so you can avoid repeating your mistake.

And by the way, I already knew that it’s Yo Decido in 2012 – that’s not news to me. Yo Decidí in 2008. But I appreciate the effort to let the rest of the world know this reality. To the rest of you, welcome to América.