Raquel G. Rivas was born and raised – by angels – in a paradise called Puerto Rico. She has worked as a journalist, medical writer and PR consultant for the past 15 years. She completed an M.A. in English in 2006 at the University of North Florida, where she focused on the crossroads of Spanish, French and English Caribbean. She likes to write about unsettling topics such as (post)colonialism, transculturation, immigration, chaos theory and other erudite-sounding things. She is really a jíbara (hill billy, in her case from coffee-picking stock) at heart. She prefers the rugged rainforest, but adapts well to life in the coastal flats. When in doubt about what-does-it-all-mean, she writes a poem.

Contact info (but you really should leave a comment): |rgrglobal@gmail.com |Twitter: @pvraquel | facebook: Raquel G Rivas