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“They have their bloggers, we have our bloggers…

Let’s see who’s stronger…”

Those are the alleged words of a Cuban official in a report circulated by the Global Post and re-published in Repeating Islands. The official was talking about the possibility of opening Internet access to the people of Cuba, and the consequences of that possible opening.  The discussion was recorded in the context of the case of Alan Gross, a U.S. national imprisoned in Cuba for posing as a tourist and trying to set up portable satellites to deliver public Internet access in Cuba.

I think Che Guevara must have heard me take his name in vain (see previous post) and is sending a Tweet from Revolution Heaven. There’s no denying that Internet access and mobile technology are the postmodern revolution tools of choice. Even in places dominated by old regimes like Cuba,  people in power are noticing what’s happening from Cairo to Iran. The Cuban official reportedly likened Alan Gross’ reputed actions to the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, noting that “this guy [Gross] came with different arms.”

The Cuban Battle of Ideas might have just entered a decisive round in a 40+year match. Read the whole story:


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