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I was supposed to be somewhere else. But I was unpacking my house, childcare fell through, complications ensued, and I ended up working at home when I thought I should have been at my monthly writers’ meeting. But when I heard my friend’s voice on the other side of the line, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Her attorney finally found a way to petition for her to stay in the country. She and her family have been struggling for 15 years just to attain the right to make this petition. They have put more sweat equity into this country than anyone I know. They have stooped down to work in places other people with their level of education would never consider. The moment they have been working toward all these years seemed so attainable and yet so elusive. What if this doesn’t work? What if we missed a form? What if we have followed the law all these years and it was all in vain? I couldn’t answer all these questions, but I was in the right spot at the right moment to help my friend through a difficult and nerve-wrecking step.

My friend made the deadline and filed the paperwork. Now it’s up to that discombobulated entity we call Homeland Security to decide their fate. Nothing is secure. There are no guarantees that the American Dream won’t turn into the Nightmare on Deportation Street. Still, people attempt the impossible at a time of so much fear and hatred. Minions of minutemen citizens in Arizona point their rifles at the border. Some members of Congress want to revisit the 14th amendment and turn it into a weapon for denying rights to U.S. citizens. Sarah Palin fans blindly allow our military families to be used for rallying more fear and paranoia in a Washington, D.C. event ironically held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech.

It feels like the right moment: The right moment to remind ourselves that this IS the moment to keep fighting for a dream that belongs to all of us – the ones who crossed the border/ocean (recently or generations ago) and the ones who get crossed out of the dream.

It also feels like the right time to shift topsy-turvy priorities. Shift means change. Change is what’s rolling off the warm Atlantic waters in the form of hurricanes. Bonnie, Danielle, Earl, Igor…change is coming at us in steady waves. Change will catch up with us, whether or not we’re aware it’s time for change.


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