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I was thinking about showing a scholarly docu-video of philosopher/theorist Judith Butler when I present my paper on cross-dressing women in literature at an academic conference this Spring.

Then, I came across this gem: a video of two non-academic, real-world business executives in drag, pitching a cross-platform application while wearing, er, platform shoes (with the company logo) and various articles of female clothing.

As reported by Ragan Communications, there are several customized versions of the video, each one targeting a prominent software industry writer who might be reviewing their company’s product, hopefully after visiting the company’s booth at MacWorld 2011. In other words, a real-life COO and a founder of a software company, of the male persuasion, cross dressing to pitch their cross-platform product. The product, by the way, is Crossover Mac Impersonator, a piece of software that allows Mac users to open Windows applications allegedly without the hassle of a license, thus transgressively crossing platforms. The kicker is watching the straight faces of these two bearded men delivering their lines while impersonating Cher and Lucille Ball.

I don’t think I need to get into the performativity of gender roles. This video makes Judith Butler’s point in one minute, and it might be the best commercial pitch of the postmodern, information age era. I at least deem it fit to be shown during the Superbowl.



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