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To Amanda

I was so focused on taking a next step. But what step would be next? Work from home, work from an office, work on family, write a book?

I was forgetting to listen to my body (see previous post), so my answer appeared in a dream. My friend (a certain one with a beautiful voice and keen goddess awareness) and I were in a beautiful place that looked like a spa or a garden or both. It was misty, bright, clean, comfortable and cozy. She and I sat close together on a giant futon that looked and rocked like a boat, only it was soft. We floated in the mist, as if suspended inside a cloud. We talked like old friends, like two girls who grew up together.  I was telling her my dilemma, just sharing my worries like I do with my best friend. Her voice was firm and friendly at the same time. She posed a simple question: “Why should you pack for a trip you don’t want to take?”

I woke up softly, just floated out of the mist with eyes still closed. I had no idea what just happened, but it felt soothing. I heard my own consciousness (while unconscious) through my friend’s soft voice. It was like hearing the voice of God – in all Her feminine divine presence.  It was a subtle and sublime experience, like a soft morning breeze. I still don’t know what the next step will be. I no longer feel like I must know. When it is time to take that step, I will know where to put my foot. The other foot will follow and my feet will take me to where I want to go. I will listen to the wisdom of my body-mind and go where I shall go.  

May the force of the changing earth be with us in this time of equinox.  May we allow the light of the full moon to enlighten our steps in the dark.


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